Zenvo ST1 (2009)

2009 Zenvo ST1
This supercar is fully developed in the design studio in Denmark. On innovation and strict lines and shapes we can see quite work done to develop a new style and the first super car from Denmark. Although the Danish design has always offered bold solutions for industrial and industrial design, but a specific approach for the creation of the appearance of this supercar revealed in the figure were drawn carefully interior and exterior of the object. And a great selection of decorative material in the cockpit a good example.
2009 Zenvo ST1
2009 Zenvo ST12009 Zenvo ST1
Zenvo ST1 (2009) interior design

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  1. What a nice and fantastic design of automotive interior! I’m touched by this marvelous result. I’m korean working for injection mold maker, Dowon, I hope I’m in touch with these designers to let me get in compound of trend of interior design for automobile. And I’m hopefully finding my new customers from foreign countries. Would you let me know where to go for this matter? Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    I’m a graphic designer. I drive an old car (it’s approaching twenty years old!)and i’m prepping to redesign my interior in terms of materials used for the cockpit. I love what’s done to this zenvo! is that a custom material used on the seats and doors? i would love to have a fabric like that! can i order that from you? What exactly is it a stitched suede? Its awesome! Thanks.

    Maron – ergo6.com

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