Wiesmann ADISAN (2008)

Wiesmann ADISAN Interior
Company ADISAN, a developer of unique, luxury vehicle projects for millionaires. Artworks Automaster made up entirely of machine retro forms: Morgan, Wiesmann, Cobra. The machine comes in a gift to the commissioned yachts, which are built at a shipyard in Italy, at prices starting at 35 million euros. Car donor completely altering the inside and decorated for the full program, the most luxurious materials. Used, for example, the skin of sea snakes and stingrays, inlay cover car rarest pearls. Now, these cars will be registered in special boxes, garages, on the sides of snow-white yachts!

High-quality materials:
– exclusive leather of the crocodile, snake and slope
– unique relief
– wide choice of colors

– Manufacturing of accessories using stones of rare breeds
Using of nacre, amber, white gold and palladium, coral, emerald
– Individual selection of stones to a horoscope of the owner
– Jeweller accuracy and faultless quality of manufacturing

adisan-exclusive-interior-1adisan-exclusive-interior-2adisan-exclusive-interior-4Wiesmann ADISAN Perlamutre ROOF

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