Infiniti EX 35 and FX 35 by Vilner (2011)

2011 Infiniti EX 35 and FX 35 by Vilner
New style interior for a popular SUV Infiniti EX and FX 35 35 proposed tuning studio Vilner. For a more representative Infiniti FX 35 is applied to the original decision of two-tone treatment of internal parts. As the main background used black leather upholstery and detailing for contrast – beige with black edging firmware. It creates a great feeling nautical theme. Light beige color alcantara like veneer deck boards, neatly laid out on the floor of the yacht.
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Saleen S331 Sport Truck, Custom design

Saleen S331 Interior design by Rykunov Sergey
Unique interior design Saleen S331 Sport Truck. The development is made for a comfortable VIP customer service. Cab car seats only two people, the owner and driver. For the client, in the back of a number of seats installed one elegant chair from Maybach, with variable geometry and additional amenities. On the left is a massive console with drawers, safe and fridge and near the door, a vast space for luggage or important for the transport of dogs. Before those installed seat video system with a large monitor. In the upholstered interior, vividly applied energy red leather inserts on the general background of black and carbon coating covers some elements of decor. Continue reading “Saleen S331 Sport Truck, Custom design”

Mansory Porsche Panamera Power Pack (2010)

Mansory Porsche Panamera Super Interior Power Pack
Bright and rich color combination of blue and yellow. How poisonous predator who is ready to devour their prey in one moment, and that the car interior, the unusual expression and insatiable energy will fuel the riders for as long as management incredible car. Mansory Porsche Panamera as other materials offers first-class carbon fiber linings and panels, which reinforce the sporty touch in the cabin. Continue reading “Mansory Porsche Panamera Power Pack (2010)”

Audi RS4 Custom design by Rykunov

Audi RS4 Custom interior design by Rykunov Sergey
Design project for tuning interior sport wagon AUDI RS4. Peresh surfaces of the seats, car doors, a torpedo from the dashboard. Installation of audio system in the luggage compartment. In the trunk are placed two subwoofers and a set of amplifiers. Materials for banners interior is leather in contrasting yellow and black combination, in the style of a taxi. Design drawings of the interior are made by hand with a pencil. Continue reading “Audi RS4 Custom design by Rykunov”