Custom interior car design sketch by Rykunov

Custom car interior design sketchThe elegant interior design luxury convertibles and coupes. Sketch of the interior is made by hand with pencil and paint. Stylistics interior has a nice twists and an unusual combination of building materials and attracts an abundance of interesting detailing. Reddish-yellow skin with a stitched diamonds in compiling with brown skin and black strips Alcantara successfully incorporated the shiny chrome inserts on door handles and air ducts.
Custom interior car design sketch by Rykunov

Custom interior car design by Rykunov, sketches 3

Chevroret StarCraft - Custom interior car design by Rykunov
An excellent example to follow in the automotive interior design and tuning. Beauty of a small van transformed into a luxurious interior, under a stylized boat. Huge windows, expensive wood veneer finish, there are many chrome parts. The owner of this vehicle class teacher will feel like having gone round the world regatta on board the prestigious and noble yachts beauty. Inside the cabin installed multimedia system and a large plasma TV. In the middle of the interior side wall is an unusual bar with folding top. Beautiful armrests provide a convenient location of soft drinks and simultaneous cooling of the glasses. Continue reading “Custom interior car design by Rykunov, sketches 3”

Custom interior car design by Rykunov, sketches 2

Custom interior car design by Rykunov, sketches 2Leather interior … What the motorist does not dream about it? Leather interior raises your prestige in the eyes of others. It is elegant, unique and luxurious. Because it significantly improves sound insulation. If the skin are covered not only the seat, but the panel with the card door, then such “tuning” markedly reduces the probability of occurrence of various kinds of squeaks and cod associated with deterioration of plastic parts. In addition, leather upholstery can be safely washed with water and liquid cleaning agents, without fear that the seats are thoroughly saturated with moisture. Continue reading “Custom interior car design by Rykunov, sketches 2”

Audi RS4 Custom design by Rykunov

Audi RS4 Custom interior design by Rykunov Sergey
Design project for tuning interior sport wagon AUDI RS4. Peresh surfaces of the seats, car doors, a torpedo from the dashboard. Installation of audio system in the luggage compartment. In the trunk are placed two subwoofers and a set of amplifiers. Materials for banners interior is leather in contrasting yellow and black combination, in the style of a taxi. Design drawings of the interior are made by hand with a pencil. Continue reading “Audi RS4 Custom design by Rykunov”

Custom car interior design by Rykunov, sketches 2

Interior car design custom Radical interior of bright blue skin
A bright, expressive automobile seat upholstery is made in the blue color scheme, using a unique combination of texture and quality of different parts of the leathers. Exclusive custom design ideal for use in vehicles with open-type body, cabriolet and roadster. The set design of the project, includes sketches of the front seats, rear sofa and center armrest. Continue reading “Custom car interior design by Rykunov, sketches 2”

Wiesmann ADISAN (2008)

Wiesmann ADISAN Interior
Company ADISAN, a developer of unique, luxury vehicle projects for millionaires. Artworks Automaster made up entirely of machine retro forms: Morgan, Wiesmann, Cobra. The machine comes in a gift to the commissioned yachts, which are built at a shipyard in Italy, at prices starting at 35 million euros. Car donor completely altering the inside and decorated for the full program, the most luxurious materials. Used, for example, the skin of sea snakes and stingrays, inlay cover car rarest pearls. Now, these cars will be registered in special boxes, garages, on the sides of snow-white yachts! Continue reading “Wiesmann ADISAN (2008)”