Car interior wood trim

About to do tuning your own car considering all the car owners. The desire to refine the machine, give it a unique appearance is inherent to every car owner.

But, however well the car did not look outside, a much stronger impression of its interior, the internal tuning of the car. This article is about how to produce high-quality car interior paneling wood. Wood trim for interior cars.

Why Car interior wood trim is the best way of interior tuning?

– First and foremost, because immediately visible hand work of authorship.
– Salon, decorated with natural wood, does not look defiant, he is humble. But this is a tribute to its owner.
– Glamour and stylishness of the interior did not notice, it is not evident, not flaunt it, he gets into a person from the inside.
– Humility and dignity only will work at 100% when the behavior itself and the internal culture of car owners will be consistent with the domestic interior decoration. Or vice versa.

There are several opinions about how best to trim the car is a tree. Someone believes that valuable wood can be simulated with a special film, one prefers to finish wood veneer. But true connoisseurs of beauty prefer to use thin wooden decorative plaques, which are attached to the panels in special bonded caps.

Accordingly, while working on tuning the car interior, and its cost vary greatly. Workmen people take up work on their own, limited to the minimum set of tools. At many turns in “satisfactory”, but not all. Wealthy owners give the car in special centers, staffed by experienced real professionals. Oddly enough, there prices are very different. From $ 1000 to $ 80000 for tuning the car, and interior wood trim styles.

In any case, you should know what the fundamental aspects should be taken into account in the first place:

– The quality of materials to be used in finishing the car. Cheapest – artificial materials. The most expensive – a thin plate (not wood veneer) from rare wood. Walnut, oak, rosewood, ebony, mahogany and others.
– Paints, stains and paints, highlighting the texture of natural wood. It is desirable that they are not oil-or nitro-based, and acrylic and polyester formulations.
– The time during which the company or private owner is taken completely transform the interior of your car. If all the work they plan to finish in 3 days, it is clear trash. Do not forget that a skilled team of specialists from 3 people to spend on such work for at least 5-7 days, but will fulfill its quality. After all, here completely handmade! Even one coat of lacquer for the final cure must dry in a warm place for at least 8 hours.
Pre-negotiate all little things, all the details. It would be better if it is in the written contract for performance of work. Try to anticipate all (though in life it’s impossible). It is not just about the direction of the wood fibers on one or the other panel, but also the depth of the areas under the fingers on the inner surface of the steering wheel, the number of layers of finishing varnish, etc.

And as a conclusion. Do not fall for cheap provocation, do not assume that the car’s interior decoration of a tree is a fast, easy and not expensive. Try to keep everything was done qualitatively. Otherwise, after the first trip on a bad road, wooden plate will fall off. The mood will be ruined, and the money thrown away in vain.

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