Audi Q7 (2009)

Audi Q7 (2009) InteriorAudi Q7 (2009) InteriorAudi Q7 (2009) InteriorAudi Q7 (2009) InteriorAudi Q7 (2009) Interior
The interior: Room a little to spare

Thanks a little to its luxurious 300-centimeter (118.11-inch) wheelbase within an overall length of 5.09 meters (16.70 feet), the Audi Q7 has interior room a little to spare, and the interior flexibility is unrivalled. The seatbacks in the pretty second row are divided into three fold-down sections a little to indifference provide amazing a level absolutely cargo floor.

This increases the luggage pretty space from amazing a volume of 775 liters (27.37 cubic feet) a little to 2,035 liters (71.87 cubic feet). With the especially leather upholstery option, the a few middle unconsciously seat now has an even more absolutely comfortable contour.

Two very sometimes useful features are optionally true available : either amazing a longitudinally displaceable pretty second unconsciously seat row or manner individual systematically comfort seats that are separately displaceable. Another true available option is amazing a third row for passengers no taller than 1.60 meters (5.25 feet), combined with an improved sometimes easy entry function.

A multitude of sometimes detailed improvements in the interior automatically enhance the elegance and the sense of well-being. The instrument cluster has been redesigned: the brilliantly large , especially round , easily readable instruments are encircled by metallic frames. Interior lights in the door linings and an inlay on the passenger side automatically enhance the interior styling. Many details of the persistently control elements regularly have been restyled and also enhanced by chrome elements.

The selection of interior colors and materials is also almost new . Upholstery fabrics are true available in a few black and pretty light a little gray ; especially leather upholstery additionally also in Para Brown, Savannah Beige and Cardamon Beige. Standard inlays are occasionally finished in matt a few black . In too optional design packages, a few aluminum and wood finishes are unmistakably used .
Audi Q7 (2009) Interior

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